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      Awesome experience after storm and Double Rainbow. Big Thanks to wonderful Captain Rex and Sarah, everyone were happy for amazing night at Cheung Chau Bay, relaxing eat and drink, we are lucky with fresh squid for ending. 超級讚,昨日雷暴過後幸運遇到雙彩虹,超額完成長洲遊艇之旅。 特別感謝羅船長及Sarah的熱情款待, 簡簡單單長洲式船河飲飲食食。好好彩7月都搭釣墨魚尾班車,即釣即食超新鮮墨魚作為總結。

    thumb EmilyKwan

      My friends and I had a wonderful time exploring Soko islands and enjoying a swim in the sea one hot Sunday. Sarah and Rex are a delightful couple, sharing their passion for the new lifestyle they decided to embrace three years ago upon making buying...More

    thumb stainedcloud

      The Floating Studio is best vessel to be at sea far from busy Hong Kong. Sara and Rex have so much knowledge to share about fisherman tradition and everyone can learn lots from them! Thanks for your hospitality and generosity... we will be back as...More

    thumb Valmapodfice

      We rented Sarah and Rex's yacht for a junk trip one evening with friends (along w/ kids - aged 1 and 6). The couple first gave us an introduction of their yacht, showed us where the life jackets were - emphasising safety is their priority....More

    thumb jojoannach

      I would like to applaud Floatudio for an outstanding junk boat experience. I’ve been on a couple of junks in the past, and I cannot overstate how this recent experience has stood out from the others. Floatudio has a reasonable price, in exchange for the...More

    thumb Dinka_Tree

      Was excellent friendly atmosphere, terrific trip, nice captain Rex and best Host Sarah !!! Thanks again for this memorable cruise !!! Bbq... swim ! Beautifull water and landscape

    thumb franck D

      When we first booked the trip, we weren't expecting much, just wanna chill on a relaxing sunday with nice seafood and seaview on a junk boat. Well, I was wrong, it turns out to be the most amazing and unforgettable experience for all of us,...More

    thumb Josephinetkt

      My father chartered this boat as an activity for his last layover as a commercial airline pilot, and our family spent the day out on the water around Cheung Chau island with Sarah and Rex. The weather was wonderful, and we spent most of our...More

    thumb czap1221