Yacht Seafood

● Recommended for seafood lovers. Limited offer.
● Can enjoy various steamed Local fresh seafood.
● Can upgrade sightseeing tour with 2 hours Cheng Chau round trip. +$1500
● Departure with minimum 6 people, maximum 22 people excepet Xmas(24th-26thDec) and New year eve and day(31stDec,1stJan) which departure with minimum 10 people

Cheng Chau Steamed Seafood Package $380 per head
Choose 8 Local Fresh seafood from these options:
Local Stomatopoda/Male Crab/Crab/Short necked clam/Ormer/Scallops/Scallops/Razor Clam/Shrimp/Clam/Shrimp/Sea snail/Clam/Barnacles/Lobster) (half  +$50/each)/Mantis Shrimp(half +$50/each)

*Depneds on market availability. Limited offers.

Cheng Chau Round Trip  +$1500
2 hours Cheng Chau Round trip guided by local Cheng Chau resident :張保仔洞(Cheung Po Tsai Cave)、西灣天后廟(Cheung Chau Sai Tai Tin Hau Temple)、白鰽灣(Pak Tso Wan)、奇形怪石 different special stone
Rental hours will be extended to 4 hours

*The above price includes boat for 2.5hours with 8 fresh and stoves also the cooking assistance/suggestions for guests.